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Acquire an ultrasound image
Use quantusFLM web application
Get the results from the web app in just a few minutes
quantusFLM requieres a conventional semi-lateral axial section at the level of the cardiac 4- chambers view of the fetal thorax in DICOM format. This is a typical plane for fetal heart exploration. A clear guideline on how to acquire the optimal image is available inside quantusFLM web application.
quantusFLM is compatible with most of commonly used ultrasound devices in the market (Siemens, General Electric, Toshiba, Aloka…). Nevertheless, a simple protocol has been designed to validate the compatibility with new ultrasound devices.

quantusFLM web application is a simple tool that allows you to send to the system the image you want to analyze. To this purpose, you just need to follow four simple steps:
The DICOM image.
More than one image can be uploaded for your convenience.
Introduce clinical data of the image to be analyzed.
The desired image to be analyzed.
The sample to be analyzed.

The results will be available on the quantusFLM web application in just a few minutes. The system can be configured to send you an email notification once results are available. In addition, you can download a personalized report in PDF format.
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